OptimiCompute: Snap resources on the fly

Build a computing empire

Elastic Environment

OptimiCDN offers a cost-efficient solution that closely fits the needs of your company. Instead of investing in expensive new facilities, the flexibility of our solution allows you to seamlessly adapt your service without affecting the stability or efficiency of your business. OptimiCDN gives you the opportunity to continuously dynamise your activities by growing your computing power along with your needs.

Tailor your service to your needs
High Performance

OptimiCDN offers you a reliable virtual environment that will unrestrain and unleash your business potential. From micro virtual machines to large compute needs, we are committed to consistently provide you with high performances. Our server virtualisation will allow you to simplify and enhance your efficiency by being able to simultaneously run, deploy and automate multiple operating systems and applications.

Reach higher levels of performances
No Overselling on

OptimiCDN services are provided and charged according to your needs in order to fit your growth potential. With our tailor-made solution, we make sure that every resource remains at your disposal so that you always have the necessary computing power to keep your momentum going. Your infrastructure should evolve and coincide with your business performances.

Power and memory will not be shared with others
Powered by OpenStack

OptimiCDN is a proud member of the OpenStack Open Source Cloud Mission that unites the world leaders around a shared computing, storage and networking technology. The interoperability of service makes it easy for you to switch to another OpenStack provider. OptimiCDN is confident that the performance of our solutions and the quality of our service will make you stay.

The perfect scalable tool to stay ahead of the game