OptimiLive: Optimized Live Streaming

Multi-CDN and live streaming: the perfect combination of media and entertainment to deliver rich video and audio content

Adopting your users’ needs as your own

Today’s users swear by high availability and quality of online videos, images and streaming content, reporting zero tolerance and simultaneous connectivity on all devices. It is undeniable that meeting these expectations during the entire duration of the video, without experiencing any delays, technical glitches or interruptions is the way to users’ heats and ultimately gaining popularity.

Hence, we are deeply aware that it is crucial for media and entertainment businesses to deliver rich content with high quality and instant access in the best way possible, in order to reach their globally distributed end-users.

Giving you the tools to succeed

Our Multi-CDN strategy equips you with the technologies to optimize live streaming in a scalable and effective manner. Our dedicated features and functionalities involve:

An automatic switchover system - we personally make sure that your content is always redirected through the most available CDN, at any given time, in terms of availability and proximity of the end-user’s request.

An unbeatable and scalable bandwidth - we possess the ability to scale and harmonize your content to enable you delivery instant and on demand video, audio and other files with great fluidity. Thanks to the elasticity of our solution, you are ready to face any increase of traffic that comes your way by automatically getting that extra bandwidth you need at that moment.

A real time image of your traffic on the Internet and an easy access to best analytics of the industry - we know that keeping track of your progress is a primordial concern.

A lead edge infrastructure - all of your important and massive events are perfectly supported by reason of unbeatable speed, quality and power to deliver, any kind of content, at times of unexpected traffic and simultaneously connected users, wherever the request originates from.

A globally located network - spread among hundreds nodes, you are offered a highly secure and reliable service at anytime and from anywhere.

Let your users enjoy the best quality online and live streaming,anywhere, at anytime and on all devices